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Doesn’t everyone want reduced energy bills, especially as we are now very aware of the fact that one country can hold the world to ransom, and push our costs through the roof! How about being able to do that with no upfront cost therefore reducing the ROI period to, well, zero? That would, unless other factor intervene inevitably increase profits, all without capital expenditure. Sounds impossible? But it is in fact a reality and it is now here in Indonesia and ready to meet your needs right now!

The company behind this program is Shire Oak International who want to accelerate the global transition to renewable energy solutions including tidal, solar and wind energy.

They are building a company with the purpose of offering 100% renewable energy to factories and corporations who want green power, and are focused on emerging economies that still have plans to build coal-fired power stations. That most certainly includes Indonesia, who may not be building any more , but are certainly operating far too high a percentage of them in the total electricity generation matrix.

Founded by Shire Oak Energy in 2017, Shire Oak International is a leading developer and financier of large-scale renewable energy projects in developing countries and emerging economies. Their core mission is to be a global pathfinder in devising, implementing, and spreading renewable energy solutions to drive transformational change in the adoption of renewable energy.

To date, the company has opened offices in Vietnam, Indonesia, Baghdad, Bogotá, Cape- town and here in Indonesia, with offices in Jakarta and Bali and project offices in each region during construction.

Their business model makes really interesting reading given today’s ever increasing urgency of transforming the energy generation world to renewables as fast as possible because Shire Oak meets 100% of the cost of consultancy, design, materials, and installation of the solar rooftop. Eliminating the need for long term planning and external financing which holds back so may projects. And businesses can use electricity generated by the system at discounted prices compared to that of PLN, making the program even more attractive.

Shire Oak International Indonesia

After COP 26 , the Indonesian government invited Shire Oak and other investors to develop rooftop and utility scale solar, to help achieve its goal for 2024 and beyond. So Shire Oak will work with industry and incumbents to achieve these targets and support PLN to transition from coal and diesel.

A report by the Worldwide Fund for Nature said Indonesia had a golden opportunity to leapfrog other nations and move straight to green power without any further coal power station investment.

So the company has come to Indonesia to support its goals and its green future.

Business Activities:

-Invest and develop rooftop solar systems in Indonesia.

-Forge and maintain solid alliances with substantial strategic partners to promote, share and distribute the benefits of renewable energy with their group, associates and clients.

-Provide a reliable investment platform for energy transition investors.

-Acquire existing rooftop solar systems built by other contractors; we are currently acquiring 125MW of systems.

-Develop offshore windfarms

-Finance utility scale solar and rooftops in Indonesia. This activity aims to offer additional power to factories for whom rooftop solar does not provide all required power needs.

-Develop green field ground mount solar farms in Indonesia.

-Develop island mini grid systems in outer islands in the Indonesian archipelago.

A Message from the Global CEO

“As a renewable energy developer, Shire Oak’s goal is to produce sustainable energy that

supports economic growth and lifts people out of poverty. This goal, for all its challenges, is only one aspect of our work. What we are striving for is peaceful coexistence between modern society and nature - an ambition that informs everything we do.

Centuries of farming, building and industrialization have made the UK one of the most nature-depleted countries in Europe. I think developing countries around the world do not have to make the same trade.

It was in 2018 that I first happened upon Vietnam and Indonesia. In these lovely countries, animals roam more freely than most British are used to seeing, and the countries are bedecked in a thick canopies. And yet, we are still seeing new coal-fired plants, the heavy polluters that developed countries are trying so hard to erase, being rolled out.

South East Asia's economic growth is leaving unsightly traces of environmental impact. Between 1991 and 2012, the Vietnam's GDP grew by 315 percent, while its greenhouse gas emissions rose by 937 percent. Indonesia's economy emitted approximately 5 times more greenhouse gasses relative to GDP than the world average (Greenhouse Gas Emissions Factsheet: published on 2016 by Climatelinks).

Reducing harmful emissions and curbing global warming is no longer an option but a necessity. Each year, scientists learn more about the environmental, economic and health consequences of polluted air and rising temperatures. These unwelcome consequences can be limited dramatically by opting for a cleaner energy source such as wind, solar and tidal, and the team at Shire Oak International will work together with Vietnam and Indonesia to achieve just that.”

Protect the Environment:

Rooftop solar does not produce greenhouse gases, the main cause of climate change and many natural disasters. Over the course of 30 years, a 1 MW system can:

Offset 35,000 tons of carbon emissions

Equivalent to 120,000 trees planted

But you will also improve your brand image and corporate reputation: going solar contributes to your brand equity and image by showing that your company thinks and cares about environmental and socioeconomic impacts.

And you can get Environmental Certification: get up to 20% of points for LEED credentials..

Shire Oak’s vision is to achieve all these ambitions with a team of brilliant, driven people who want to live a life of purpose. Contact us now for more information.

One Pacific Place Level 11, Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53, Kawasan SCBD, Kelurahan Senayan, Kecamatan Kebayoran Baru, 12190, Kota Adm. Jakarta Selatan, Provinsi DKI Jakarta Indonesia

Tel: +62 (0)2151012779

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