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PT Suparma Tbk: Environmentally Friendly Company

PT Suparma Tbk operates in the paper and packaging paper industry. The products consist of various types of paper as well as various types of tissue and tissue towels. This company produces various types of paper which are classified into 2 groups, namely Industrial Products (Industrial Paper) and Consumer Products.


The company's VISION is that as an environmentally friendly paper producer, PT Suparma Tbk will always strive to meet the needs of customers and stakeholders. Meanwhile, PT Suparma Tbk's mission is to make Quality, Reliability and Service the company culture, and will compete in the global market by providing products that are suitable for customers and the right marketing geography.


PT Suparma Tbk products include paper, tissue and tissue towels. Paper products from PT Suparma Tbk are generally used for wrapping food, printing, and in the retail industry, such as Laminated Wrapping Kraft (LWK), Samson Kraft (SK), MG Paper, Coated Duplex Board (CDB), and Sandwiched Ribbed Kraft Recycle (SRKR). Suparma tissue products are known to be hygienic, soft and flushable. Safe to use for sensitive skin. Can also be applied for office, hotel, hospital, bathroom, and so on. Suparma tissue towel products have a strong layer and high water absorption capacity, suitable for drying hands and wiping various surfaces. Can also be applied to hotels, restaurants, cafes, rest rooms, and others.

History of PT Suparma Tbk


PT Suparma Tbk was founded in Surabaya in 1976 on an area of ​​5 hectares, with a workforce of 100 people. The first jumbo roll paper was produced in 1978 using 1 unit of paper machine with a capacity of 6,000 tons per year.


Responding to the increasing demand for paper in Indonesia, in 1983 PT Suparma Tbk decided to start its first expansion by purchasing 3 paper machines with a total production capacity of 36,000 tons per year. Simultaneously with the industrialization plans of the Indonesian government in the early 1900s and meeting the domestic market's increasing need for paper, in 1992 PT Suparma Tbk invested in adding 2 new paper machines with a total capacity of 78,000 tons per year.


In facing the era of globalization, the company decided to move one step further by becoming a public company and was listed on the Jakarta Stock Exchange on November 15 1994. Quality, Reliability and Service are the culture of PT Suparma Tbk, and based on this vision the company began building a Power Unit with a capacity of 27 MW in 1997. This facility aims to ensure that sufficient and stable electrical energy is available during production, so that good quality is maintained and can meet customer needs in a timely manner.


In 2015, PT Suparma Tbk had 8 paper machine units with a capacity of 230,000 tons per year, standing on 28 hectares of land, with a variety of industrial paper products, high quality paper and tissue.


This company's success in implementing a Quality Management System has been recognized by receiving the ISO 9001:2000 certificate in 2003. Also, for the company's commitment as an environmentally friendly paper producer, PT Suparma Tbk received the FSC® certificate in 2012 and ISO 14001:2015 in 2016.


PT Suparma Tbk products

Tissue Plenty


Even though the price is guaranteed to be cheap, the quality is guaranteed not to change. The following are the advantages of Plenty toilet tissue that you will feel even though the price is low.


  • Using Virgin Pulp


The advantage of Plenty toilet tissue is that it is made from virgin pulp. This means that Plenty toilet tissue is kept clean because it is taken from paper pulp from certain trees. Even though it is obtained from trees, PT SUPARMA Tbk as the producer is fully committed to helping preserve the world's forests. This was realized by PT SUPARMA Tbk by collaborating with the FSC institution to obtain the best pulp while still protecting the world's forests so that sustainability is always maintained.


  • Thicker than others


Is it impossible for toilet paper to be 3 Ply thick? Certainly not! In fact, this aims to maintain your comfort when using it to gently rub intimate areas. The advantage of Plenty toilet tissue with 3 Ply is that water splashes are absorbed quickly and well. With just one swipe, the splash of water will be lifted so that you feel comfortable after urinating.


  • The surface is soft


Toilet tissue has a soft surface, so Plenty toilet tissue has an advantage over others. With the softness of the surface of the Plenty toilet paper, the intimate area will not be irritated due to abrasions caused by rubbing the rough surface of the tissue.

See-U Tissue


Benefits of See-U Facial Wipes:


  • Thick


The advantage of See-U facial tissue is that it has 2 Ply resistance. With this thickness, See-U facial tissue is able to quickly remove splashes and fine dust on the face with just one swipe.


Thanks to the thickness of See-U 2 Ply facial tissue, this tissue can be used to remove water splashes on other objects. In this way, See-U facial tissue becomes a reliable tissue that can be used for anything because of its thickness.


  • Economical


If you are looking for facial tissue at an affordable price, See-U facial tissue is the choice. Even though the price is economical, its quality feels good and of course safe when you want to use it. In fact, the benefits of See-U facial tissue make you want to buy more than one to maintain stock availability at home and anywhere.


  • Have lots of sheets


The advantage of See-U facial tissue is that it has many sheets. Places that sell See-U facial tissue in Jakarta offer various numbers of sheets that can be adjusted to suit your needs, namely: 250 sheets and 700 grams. With this large number of sheets, the cleanliness of your face and objects around you is well maintained.

Gajah Paper


As a producer of Cap Gajah laminated wrapping paper since 1995 with a complete distribution network throughout Indonesia PT. Suparma Tbk continues to innovate, one of which is by releasing a new generation of LWK Cap Gajah products that are more environmentally friendly. Cap Gajah laminated wrapping paper consists of 2 layers of material: Kraft paper/brown paper and an environmentally friendly plastic layer. This Kraft Paper/brown paper will go through a cleaning, filtering and washing process to ensure the cleanliness of the pulp that will be used for making paper. The clean paper pulp will go through a drying process in the dryer. During the drying process, the paper will be heated, thereby killing the bacteria contained in the paper raw material. The lamination process on Gajah stamp wrapping paper uses special technology developed by PT. Suparma Tbk. This technology is able to provide high laminate strength between paper and plastic as well as high penetration resistance to water and especially to oil. As a form of concern for the environment, Cap Gajah laminated wrapping paper uses plastic with Oxium technology which has received a 100% US patent and passed the ASTM 6954-04 standard which is able to break down plastic into environmentally friendly plastic.


Gajah paper features:


  • Resistant to oil and water


  • Environmentally friendly plastic


  • Safe for food contact


PT Suparma Tbk also continues to be an environmentally friendly company by utilizing fiber for most of its products and is FSC® and ISO 14000 certified. The company's head office and factory are located on Jl. Raya Mastrip No. 856 Warugunung, Karangpilang, Surabaya. Meanwhile, branch offices are in Surabaya, Jakarta, Bandung, and Bali.

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