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Sustainability is now one of the most crucial facets of business, full stop.

It is considered necessary to be both efficient and competitive and foster company longevity. Sustainability is also now seen as an approach to creating long- term value for the business by taking into consideration how a given organisation operates in its environment, social, governance (ESG) compliance and its own economic ecosystem.

With increasing urgency surrounding climate change and plastic pollution, tied with growing consumer awareness regarding positive business practices for people and planet, the importance of sustainable practices and ESG compliance are unquestionable on the agenda of every business. Sustainability reporting or sustainability certification are positive actions to steer businesses into more transparent and sustainable practices, in order to improve their impact on the environment and the communities in which they operate.

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MVB provides a unique combination of sustainability consulting and advocacy, the provision of top level expertise and the ability to promote and publicise sustainable organisations, something that organisations forget to do when they have actually achieved some sustainability goals!

MVB provides end-to-end services in helping to align our clients’ businesses to sustainable practices and environmental and social compliance, particularly in the hospitality and tourism sectors.

MVB have partners qualified in providing ESG auditing, measurement and reporting and have experts on call to provide very specific expertise across many sustainable disciplines including water and energy efficiency, waste management, supply chain management and social factors.

We became sustainability experts by listening to what our customers are asking.

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Jakarta Office

Jl. Kemang Utara VII No. 19C
Bangka, South Jakarta City, Jakarta

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Jalan Pengubengan Kauh No. 99, Kerobokan, Bali 80361

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