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MVB Indonesia Sustainability Consultancy Includes:

  • Enhance our clients’ awareness of the importance of incorporating a real sustainability policy into  their business operations through clear examples  and models of how they can improve through  this process.

  • Work with them to identify a. the priority and b. the most beneficial areas of business for improvement through sustainability.

  • Provide strategic and sustainable solutions for the identified areas, through the introduction of better practices and the advice and service of expert partners, and thereafter monitor to completion.

How Our Services Work

1. Established benchmarks to start the processes to achieve agreed savings of energy, water, waste water, sewage and solid waste.

2.  To create, together with the hotel team, month by – month KPI’s.

3.  Help to form Green, Social and Governance Teams and brief them.

4.  Supervision of the implementation teams:

  • Green Team (Environmental aspects): monthly reports and feedback.

  • Social Team (Employment related and community aspects): monthly reports and feedback.

  • Governance Team (Government, Policy and Regulatory Compliance): annual reports and feedback.

  • Re-briefing and re-setting tasks and schedules for the teams, and monitoring incentive and benefit programs.

  • Remedial actions required after the analysis of the returned and completed questionnaires initiated and review processes of points arising created.

5.  Establishing reporting systems for each team and reviewing programs and achievements to allow adjustment.

6.  To satisfy stakeholder expectations: assist in completing the required reports and communications.

7.  Incentive program for the propagation of relevant ESG ideas initiated and tested.

8.  To comply with local/national regulations; monitor and advise.

9.  If necessary, to achieve International Certification: application for full GSTC certification to be completed and all relevant check lists completed and analysed.

10.   To secure relevant sustainability awards, after the completion of the GSTC application.

Contact Us

Jakarta Office

Jl. Kemang Utara VII No. 19C
Bangka, South Jakarta City, Jakarta

Bali Office


Jalan Pengubengan Kauh No. 99, Kerobokan, Bali 80361

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