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Grow Your Herbs at Home Easily

Planting herbs in your own garden is a convenient and healthy way to flavour your home-cooked meals.

After all, isn’t it a great feeling to step outside your kitchen and pick whatever herbs you wish you use with the certainty of 100% freshness? And the pride of using what you planted yourself is unmatchable.

Herbs gardening is not hard at all and usually takes very little space. Therefore, it is common for people living in apartments to have a couple of herb pots on their balcony. Price is not really the concern as herbs are usually cheap enough if you may compare the price of a few sprigs of sage, basil, or thyme, but you cannot beat the freshness of home-grown seasonings.

Now, talking about convenience, imagine yourself selecting a few fresh herbs from a spot near your kitchen anytime you need it! You also have the liberty of planting your most favourite herb, and have a constant fresh stock at hand. Comparing this to the effort of going to the grocery store and buying them without any idea of how fresh it is is a very different story. Not to forget how little you know about the potential chemical used to keep them fresh as long as possible.

To ensure convenience, it is best recommended if you reserve a spot in your garden, a few walks from your kitchen door. If you do not possess sufficient space, you can plant the herbs in different sizes of tubs, pots, containers and suitable boxes.

Since most herbs grown in containers can be grown in a small garden as well, we will focus on the first category.

The required depth for most herbs is somewhere around 10-12 inches. Smaller herbs will basically fit in containers with a depth of at least 6-8 inches. Some bigger herbs like sage, rosemary, or bay tree will do excellent in much bigger containers.

An important thing to keep in mind is to ensure efficient drainage!

So what should you grow?

  • Basil

This is one of the easiest and most flavorful plant to grow. Don’t we all have the best memories eating pasta pesto? That’s right! You can use it to make your homemade pesto! Basil is also wonderful to pair with any chicken-based meals. Not to forget pizzas!

  • Rosemary:

Rosemary is a personal favourite. The flavour it brings to any meal is absolutely fantastic. And the best thing is that it is easy to grow!

  • Thyme:

This is a very easy one to grow in containers. And

For more tips about which here are easy to grow in containers, visit this extensive list and have fun imagining your future meals!

  • Oregano

Oregano is really easy to grow in a pot. The small leaves are packed with flavour, perfect for topping homemade pizza and bruschetta.

  • Mint:

This one is perfect for cocktail lovers, especially those who like to make their own Mojitos! Nothing beats a couple of leaves crushed in a glass mixed with your favourite rum or vodka ^^

In order to grow at their optimum condition, herbs would love some compost, especially those which are planted in containers. There are tons of available ready-made compost that you can select from. However, in support of sustainable development, you can basically do your own compost from your food scraps.

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