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Padma Hotel Legian: Every Little Thing Matters

Updated: May 8

The earth is their home, and they need to take care of their home as much as they take care of ourselves. Often, they think that their positive contribution to nature will not have a big impact – the earth is big, and they are small in the scheme of things. However, every small action makes a difference in their community. All they need is to start, and keep at it. Padma Resort Legian also feels responsible for starting this small action by becoming one of the largest resorts in the region. And what have they done so far?


Below are some of their environmentally friendly initiatives.

Padma X Sensatia

Last year in November, they started a collaboration with Sensatia Botanical, a beauty brand from Bali, Indonesia to provide their toiletry products. They work together to create custom fragrances especially for guests to evoke fond memories of their Padma experience. They have replaced the previous plastic mini bottles with recyclable 300ml pump bottles containing shower gel, shampoo, conditioner and hand wash. With this new initiative, their goal is to reduce (and eventually eliminate) single-use plastic bottles in their room facilities. Since the start of this movement, they are proud to have reduced up to 80% of plastic bottle waste from room facilities alone. This eco-friendly product comes in their signature fragrance; Bergamot, Geranium, Lavender, Mint and Eucalyptus can be purchased at Sarasvati Design Store if you want to take them home as a souvenir of your holiday in Bali.


No Plastic Straws, Thank You!

The question they often ask ourselves is, do they really need plastic straws for drinking? As one of their efforts to keep the environment green, since the beginning of last year, they decided to join the “no plastic straws” movement following the Bali Government regulations banning single-use plastic bags – which they strongly support! Many of you may have seen on the internet that plastic straws have seriously polluted the oceans and their precious marine animals. So if possible, they recommend not using plastic straws. But if you really need it, they provide biodegradable straws upon request.


Fresh from The Garden


Many of their guests like Padma Resort Legian because of its well-maintained gardens. Not only is it a sight to behold, but it is also home to birds and squirrels that you may see during your stay. Not to mention the oxygen that plants give us, and is believed to relieve stress. Has anyone noticed that they have a large plot of land next to the Presidential Suite? They are very happy to be able to use the extra space to grow organic vegetables like bok choy, chilies, and corn. Fun fact – They have harvested up to 30kg of fresh home grown bok choy last December, it is very green and fresh because they use home made organic composting products.


Mineral Water with 100% Recycled Bottles

Their repeat guests may have noticed other new small changes in the room. Since last year, they have replaced their previous mineral water bottles with 100% recyclable bottles. This well-designed bottle does not use additional labels, thereby reducing even more plastic waste. They really hope that their small contribution will have a positive impact on the environment.

If You Can't Reuse, Recycle

Padma Resort Legian is also known as an integrated destination for meetings, conferences and various events. Starting last year, they have eliminated the presence of single-use plastic bottles in favor of reusable glass bottles. This is just a small part but they believe it is a good first step in creating a healthier environment. What do you think about us providing refillable house water in meeting rooms?

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