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PLASTICPAY: Turning Waste into Money

Updated: Jan 26

What is Plasticpay?


Plasticpay is a social movement based on a digital platform, which invites people to change plastic waste that damages the environment into something useful and good.

The collected plastic waste will be exchanged for Plasticpay Points, then it will be recycled and turned into granules, Recycled Polyester Staple Fiber (“Re-PSF”), yarn and fabric. The result is Eco-friendly fibre and recycled fabric that meets all high-quality standards that can be used for pillows, dolls, bedding, carpets, furniture, automotive interiors, and non-woven / woven products.


Plasticpay recently released a Vending Machine, which is one of the nation's many applications that carry a social-environmental mission. The public is invited to collect plastic bottle waste which will be recycled into products of greater value.The Plasticpay vending machine applies this system to process plastic bottle waste from the public.


People who collect plastic bottle waste through the Plasticpay vending machine will get points that can be converted into electronic money, such as GoPay, OVO, Dana, LinkAja and InaCash.


If you want to access Plasticpay, the first thing you can do is download the Plasticpay application and then scan the barcode on an automatic machine to connect it to the application on your cellphone. Bring a plastic bottle with a bar code and then scan it so it can be put into the machine.


Place the bottle into the machine once the collection hole is open. The machine will automatically show how many points you get from exchanging one plastic bottle. You also immediately know the points added to your account.


Turning Waste into Money


Plastic waste is still a big problem for Indonesia. Indonesia was ranked second as the world's largest contributor of plastic waste in 2019 with around 64 million tons per year. A total of 3.2 million tons of plastic waste was thrown into the sea.


If left unchecked, this condition will cause many problems, but fortunately, recently many organizations or movements have focused on addressing this problem. One of them is Plasticpay which invites people to change their habits in disposing of plastic waste and makes it easy to do so if there is easy access to their Plasticpay Drop Boxes and Reverse Vending Machines (RVM).


If via Vending Machine, the method is to insert a plastic bottle then print or scan the QR Code with the Plasticpay application. After that, the points will appear in the application and when they have been collected, they can be exchanged for digital money such as GoPay, OVO, DANA, LinkAja and InaCash with the equivalent value. For example, 50,000 points is the same as IDR 50 thousand.


To exchange plastic waste via Drop Box, Plasticpay is no less easy. Just download the Plasticpay application to get a User ID. This User ID is written on the trash that will be put into the Drop Box, on the plastic trash you can write the User ID. After that, Plasticpay will send points to the application according to the amount of waste exchanged. Plastic waste exchanged for Plasticpay has different values ​​depending on its size. For example, if a small 300 ml plastic bottle costs IDR 50, the exchange for a 1.5 liter plastic bottle can be doubled or IDR 100.


Plasticpay is also expanding its services by facilitating the exchange of used bottle waste for High-Density Polyethelene (HDPE) through all Plasticpay Drop Box units. Examples of used HDPE plastic bottles that can be exchanged via Plasticpay are used shampoo bottles, soap bottles, skincare, lotion, and others.

The following are Plasticpay Vending Machine and Drop Box Spots around the Jakarta area:


North Jakarta:


  • SMPN 30 Jakarta

  • RVM Flagship Store - Kelapa Gading

  • PIK Food Street

  • Mutiara Beach Apartments 1 & 2

  • MCP Kampung Sawah RT 6

  • MCP PKBM Himmata

  • MCP Pasar Pejagalan

  • RVM Pelindo Tower

  • MCP Jl. Ancol selatan


South Jakarta:

  • SMPN 3 Jakarta

  • SMKN 62 Jakarta

  • Plaza Mandiri Auditorium 3th floor

  • PUPR Heritage Building

  • Pertamina Hulu Energy

  • GPIB Setiabudi Jakarta

  • RVM Grab St Sudirman

  • Grand Indonesia (East Mall)

  • RVM Grand Indonesia (West Mall)

  • RVM Office 8 Senopati

  • Lawson Cipete

  • RVM Flagship Store - Radio Dalam

  • MCP Pondok Indah Grand Mosque

  • MCP Pines Residence

  • MCP Ministry of Social Affairs Bintaro

  • RVM Danone IFC

  • RVM AIA Insurance

  • RVM Alfamart Tebet Timur Raya


 Central Jakarta:

  • Flamboyant RPRTA

  • Ministry of BUMN

  • Senayan Palace

  • JIEXPO Kemayoran

  • Jakarta Convention Center

  • RVM Graha Pertamina

  • RVM Istiqlal Mosque

  • RVM Bank BTN

  • MCP Boing Flats

  • Grand Palace Kemayoran

  • RVM Bank Indonesia (Building D)

  • MCP Sunda Kelapa Mosque

  • RVM Taman Ismail Marzuki


East Jakarta:

  • MCP Cipinang Indah Villa Housing

  • Signature Grande Park 1,2,3

  • MCP Bumi Malaka Sari Housing

  • MCP Komplek PLN Klender

  • MCP Perumahan Jatinegara Indah

  • MCP Rusun Cakung KM2 Tower B


  • MCP Rusun Albo Tower B

South Tangerang:

  • MCP Bintaro sector 3

  • MCP Nurul Iman Mosque

  • RVM As-Syarif Al Azhar BSD

  • Chatime AEON Mall BSD



West Jakarta:

  • GKI Puri Indah

  • MCP Al - Ma'rifah Mosque

  • MCP Pasar Kopro

  • MCP Greenville

  • Chatime Lippo Mall Puri

  • MCP Masjid Al - Ma'rifah

  • MPC Green Garden

  • Chatime Kawan Lama



  • Bekasi Mayor's Office 1 & 2 & 3

  • MCP HKBP Duta Permai

  • RVM Kopi Kedubes

  • BS Fajar Indah

  • SMPN 1 Kota Bekasi

  • BS Tunas Inti

  • BS Poswindu Melati



  • RVM Cultural Park

  • RVM AEON MALL Sentul City

  • RVM Flagship Store - Bogor

  • RVM Mall BTM Bogor

  • SDN Kedung Badak 1

  • BSU Rumah Lestari

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