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Recommendations for Culinary Tourism in Jakarta and Their Benefits

Updated: Jun 28

When traveling, culinary tourism is an activity that is a shame to miss. Because, every region certainly has its own culinary specialties made from ingredients and spices native to that region. It definitely feels incomplete if you visit a number of regions without enjoying their typical culinary delights. That's why culinary tourism is the most important part when traveling domestically or abroad. Apart from being filling, exploring culinary tourism also has several other benefits that you can experience.


Benefits of Culinary Tourism When Traveling

Here are some of the benefits of culinary tourism that you can get when traveling to a number of areas:


  • Discover new foods

When traveling, you will definitely discover various types of new food that cannot be found in your own area. Not infrequently these foods have unique tastes, textures and shapes, thereby increasing your knowledge regarding typical types of food from a region.


For example, when you visit Central Sulawesi and North Sulawesi, you will find traditional bamboo pressed food (jaha). This traditional culinary dish is rarely found, especially in other provinces. However, you can enjoy its characteristics if you visit these two areas.


  • Taste the authentic taste of food

Culinary tourism can also make you try original versions of foods you've eaten before. For example, in Jakarta there are many restaurants that serve pizza and pasta. Of course, most places have modified the original taste of this food because it is adapted to the ingredients, spices and tastes of Jakartans.


However, when you travel to Italy, you will definitely taste pizza and pasta with authentic flavors. The texture and taste of the food can be very different from the one in Jakarta. This is why culinary tourism is useful for increasing your knowledge regarding the authentic taste of food that has spread to other countries.


  • Food is full of culture

Every typical or traditional food definitely has a story and history behind it. This is what attracts you to enjoy various culinary tours while traveling. You will know the story or history of the food.


For example, when you travel to East Java, there is a typical food known as rujak cingur. This is a rujak that contains beef snout, cucumber, young mango, jicama, tofu, tempeh, bean sprouts, rice cake and pineapple. At first glance, this food may be quite strange for some people because it contains a combination of cow snouts with fruit, even rice cake.


Recommended Culinary Tourism Destinations in Jakarta

Apart from being famous for its cultural diversity, Jakarta also has a very diverse range of culinary specialties. Each region has special food with its own taste and uniqueness.


1. Tak Kie Ice Coffee, Glodok (West Jakarta)

There is almost always something interesting behind the capital city's iconic culinary delights. One of these stories comes from a glass of milk coffee whose name may be familiar to Jakarta tourists, namely Kopi Es Tak Kie. The location of this coffee shop is hidden between other legendary shops in a small alley called Gang Gloria, West Jakarta. Apparently, their flagship milk coffee menu is a form of adaptation to changing times.


The types of coffee used are Robusta and Arabica coffee grounds. Meanwhile, the sweet taste is obtained from condensed milk. However, the neighborhood around Kopi Es Tak Kie offers lots of traditional market food and snacks, so you can also enjoy culinary adventures.

2. Bakmi Gang Kelinci, Pasar Baru (Central Jakarta)

Bakmi Gang Kelinci is a legendary noodle business since 1957 which was founded by Padmawati Dharmawan and the late Hadi Sukiman. Having operated for 66 years until it was handed down to the current third generation, they have certainly gone through the changes of the times.


Although currently there are many different types of food and drinks that we can find. In Indonesia itself, there is still one food that has a big fan following, namely noodles.


This food has as its basic ingredients boiled wheat noodles and is usually served with various toppings and spices. The food can even be found in several places in the area because there are food stalls and restaurants that serve this food.

3. Trio Restaurant, Gondangdia (Central Jakarta)

There are several restaurants in Jakarta that still consistently maintain their menu and business premises, one of which is Trio Restaurant. This restaurant consistently maintains the shape of its original building even though the current of developments continues to squeeze the capital city of Jakarta. As the name suggests, this restaurant, which is located in the Gondangdia area, Menteng, Central Jakarta, was founded by three people. This restaurant, which is associated with the green color and nuance of the Bamboo Curtain country, is 75 years old or 2 years younger than the age of Indonesia.


There are 320 dishes on the menu, that doesn't include drinks. Starting from fish fin soup, Trio Restaurant style shrimp spring rolls, crab egg asparagus soup, right up to the last one there is a menu of fried vermicelli. Trio Restaurant itself has quite unique opening hours, where every day, the restaurant is open from 10.00-14.00 WIB. Then the restaurant will close temporarily and will reopen at 17.00-21.00 WIB.


4.Laksa Betawi Assirot, Kebon Jeruk (South Jakarta)

Laksa Betawi Assirot can be an option for a delicious lunch in the South Jakarta area. Established in 1972, Laksa Betawi Assirot is known as one of the legendary delicious lunch spots in South Jakarta. Laksa Betawi Assirot itself is considered a rare culinary dish. The reason is, it is now quite difficult to find authentic Betawi laksa in the capital area.


The presence of Laksa Betawi Assirot also seems to be a favorite place for culinary lovers who miss the taste of authentic Betawi laksa. Moreover, Laksa Betawi Assirot serves Betawi laksa dishes with authentic taste. Laksa is prepared from spices passed down from generation to generation.


5.Ragusa Ice Italia, Gambir (Central Jakarta)

Ragusa Italian Ice Cream is one of the legendary and oldest ice cream shops in Jakarta, founded in 1932. According to the Chair of the Jakarta Creative Tourism community, Ira Latief, Ragusa Italian Ice Cream was founded by the Ragusa brothers, namely native Italians named Luigi Ragusa and Vincenzo.


You can order several Ragusa Italian Ice Cream menus such as Chocolate Sundae, Tutti Frutti, Cassata Siciliana, Banana Split, and Spagheti Ice Cream.

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