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Synergy Efficiency Solutions (SES): Energy Saving in various Industries

Updated: Apr 23

For more than 10 years, SES has built a name as a leading energy efficiency company in Indonesia with a mission to spread saving practices throughout Southeast Asia. SES is an energy efficiency company in Indonesia that pioneered the implementation of the Energy Service Company (ESCO) business model. SES' business focus lies in addressing the issue of increasing energy prices and demand in Indonesia through energy efficiency investments.


Through the operations of energy efficiency companies, the aim is to accelerate Indonesia's clean energy transition, and support Indonesia's commitment to tackling climate change. SES offers energy efficiency services through various solutions, such as design, financing and installation.


What is Synergy Efficiency Solutions (SES) for energy efficiency?


Synergy Efficiency Solutions has carried out hundreds of energy efficiency projects with proven savings results. Its performance has served many growing facilities, through optimizing energy systems, increasing the life of machines and equipment, and most importantly, improving comfort, safety, and production processes through energy efficiency.

How does Synergy Efficiency Solutions (SES) improve Energy Efficiency? Here is some high-profile examples.




Synergy Efficiency Solutions (SES) reviewed the design of the cooling and lighting system for Citra Tower, part of the Ciputra Group. Citra Towers has two towers with a height of 30 floors each which is bridged by a retail podium with a height of 5 floors between the two towers. The Citra Tower floor area is 90,188 m2.




In this project, SES reviewed two designs, an initial design based on drawings (a Philips brand lamp) and a design proposal from another vendor (a Panasonic brand lamp). Each design used lamps with different specifications, brands, and types of lamps, resulting in different lighting energy levels.


  • Lighting Level, Technology, and Power Density

  • Feasibility of Sensors and Lighting Control

  • Assistance in the Goods Procurement Process




SES produced a centralized cooling system concept design with a high level of efficiency and savings and proposed the right equipment to reduce CAPEX and OPEX estimates substantially.


  • Calculation of cooling load

  • Optimization of cooling system design

  • Feasibility study of sub-metering cooling system

  • Assistance in the goods procurement process




Synergy Efficiency Solutions (SES) conducted a detailed energy audit of the Plaza Indonesia complex. This audit aimed to understand and analyze the current situation of cooling production and distribution in different areas of the complex, namely Plaza Indonesia Extension (PIE) and Plaza Indonesia Shopping Center (PISC) as well as ventilation in the parking area. After analyzing the existing system, SES identified a series of Energy Saving Opportunities (ESOs) that could be implemented to cut energy consumption.




By implementing recommended energy saving measures, Plaza Indonesia cut electricity consumption by up to 5%, and results in energy savings of up to 2,176,810 kWh (200,000 USD).


Energy Saving Opportunities (ESOs):


  • Cooling Tower Implementation (PIE)

  • Pumping System Improvement (Primary) (PIE)

  • Pumping System Improvement (Secondary) (PIE)

  • Ventilation System Improvement (Parking Area B2 and B3)

  • Shopping Area AHU balancing (PICS)

  • Food Court Cooling System Improvement (PIE)

  • Louis Vuitton Façade Improvement (PISC)

  • MV and Pumping System Improvement (PISC)




SES carried out a contract as an energy efficiency consultant who leads the design of the Kompas Tower as the Head Quarter International of the Kompas Gramedia group in Jakarta, Indonesia.




  • Magnetic Bearing Chiller

  • Optimized Chiller Plant

  • Advanced Chiller Sequencing Software

  • Energy Recovery Ventilators

  • Building facade

  • Daylighting & electric

  • Cooling uses an under-floor system

  • Replacement of ventilation places

  • Under Floor Radiant Cooling

  • Displacement Ventilation

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