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Workcation is working while on holiday, how is it implemented?

In the current digital era, the concept of work has undergone many changes, one of which is the emergence of the term "workcation." This trend is increasingly popular among professionals looking for a balance between productivity and relaxation.


With technological advances that allow work to be done from anywhere, workcations offer an attractive solution for those who want to stay productive without sacrificing the desire to explore new destinations.


What is a Workcation?


Workcation comes from two words, namely work (work) and vacation (vacation). Looking at the combination of these two words, this term can be interpreted as working while on vacation. There are various forms depending on what kind of holiday you want to experience.


For example, holding meetings while on a staycation outside the city or doing assignments while sunbathing on the beach.


You can also try the experience of working while on holiday with other colleagues by renting a tour bus. This will save costs for you and your other colleagues.


However, you must remain responsible for your work. Even though you are on holiday, you are still under pressure to be productive because you are not taking this holiday while on leave.


Why Is This Trend Increasing?


The trend of working while on holiday is on the rise. The Covid-19 pandemic which requires workers to do WFH (work from home) is the beginning of this trend emerging. Many people feel bored and unproductive when they have to complete work at home.


Home is a place to rest and relax, if work is also done at home, boredom will quickly set in. Research shows that workcations are successful in increasing worker productivity.


Therefore, when the pandemic ends, several companies offer a hybrid work system that allows workers to complete their work while on vacation. Since then, the trend of working while on vacation has become increasingly popular.


Types of Workcation

Workcations are divided into three types based on their duration, the explanation is as follows.


A. Short-Term Workcation

This duration usually lasts for a short period of time, for 3 days in the work week, and you can do it in a place that is not too far away. This type is suitable for those of you who just need a short break from your routine work using the WFH system without having to take a long leave.


B. Medium-Term Workcation

This duration lasts for a medium period of time, not too short but also not too long. Usually the time period is several weeks to a maximum of 1 month in quite remote locations.


This type is suitable for those of you who want to experience a new work experience from a different location for longer.


C. Long-Term Workcation

The duration of this workcation lasts for the longest period of time, for example several months to 1 year. If you work and go on holiday for a long time, you will usually move temporarily to a city or country.


This type is suitable for employees who want to change their work environment to a completely new one, including their lifestyle.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Workcations

The following are the advantages and disadvantages of working while on holiday that you need to know before doing it.


Advantages of Workcation

Some of the advantages of the concept of working while on holiday are as follows:


  • Allows you to work in your dream holiday destination without having to sacrifice work time.

  • Reduces the risk of burnout in workers.

  • Save time and money.

  • Increase creativity and productivity by working in a new environment.

  • Vacation for a long time without having to take time off.

  • Flexible and free in managing work schedules and vacation time.


Disadvantages of Workcation

Some of the advantages of the concept of working while on holiday are as follows:


  • Risk of unstable internet access.

  • It requires careful planning and preparation.

  • Not suitable for employees who lack a sense of discipline.

  • You cannot apply it to all types of work.

  • Risk of miscommunication with colleagues and superiors.


Tips for Running a Workcation Work System

Working while on holiday can be an interesting and rewarding experience if you do it well.  Here are some tips for those of you who want to try it.


1. Choose a location with easy access

Choose a location that is comfortable to work and has good supporting facilities. For example, the internet is stable and not too busy. Crowds can disturb your concentration. Choosing a comfortable location will make you comfortable and remain productive at work.


2. Make a schedule plan

Before proposing a workcation to your boss, it's a good idea to have careful planning so that your boss will accept it more easily. For example, setting working hours and free hours that still follow the company schedule.


After approval from your superiors, carry out the planning with discipline and consistency. If you are not disciplined, your performance will be judged poorly because you just want to take a vacation and escape from work.


3. Make sure the preparations are complete

Apart from planning your schedule, you also have to prepare supporting equipment carefully. For example, a laptop and cellphone that you will need to do your work. There's no harm in bringing a portable internet that you can use if the WiFi around your vacation spot is unstable.


4. Do it when you have a WFH schedule

The best time to do a workcation is when you have a WFH schedule. This makes it easier for you to get permission from your boss because you don't need to be present at the office.


5. Adhere to work deadlines

Lastly, this is the most important thing you should pay attention to. While working while on vacation, make sure you remain productive and follow work deadlines like you would in the office.

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