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MVB for School

MVB for School is our bundle of services tailored specifically for educational institutions. This bundle consists of waste management services and activities aimed at educating students on sustainability. Working along with our partners, we aim to provide guidance on achieving sustainability for anyone, including schools. 

Besides being a key aspect for schools as a modern business, sustainability is becoming an important aspect of the real world. Leading by example is the best way to show students how sustainable actions by larger institutions make an impact. 

Bundle Package
  • KESAN project with Parongpong and Evoware (includes 2 packages of KESAN)

  • Waste management by Waste4Change

  • Eco-Garden, creating edible landscapes

  • Sustainability for Kids Talk (includes KESAN, waste management, Fashion and Eco-garden)

  • Sustainability project/essay competition (winner will present at MVB conference)

IDR 25,000,000 + Tax/Year

waste 4 change.png


Waste4Change is a waste management company. In our bundle, they will collect, recycle, compost and responsibly process your waste so as little as possible ends up in landfills.

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Parongpong is a recycling and waste management company. In our bundle, they provide their KESAN program. Through this program, any masks you collect will be processed using a hydrothermal machine into reusable materials.



Evoware is a company that uses natural alternative materials to create plastic-free solutions for disposable products. As part of the KESAN program, they will help turn your used masks into reusable material. 

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