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21st September: World Cleanup Day

Cleanliness is a gift.


Implementing a healthy life can start from yourself, one of which is by always keeping the environment clean. You can easily find journals or research that explain how important it is to adopt a healthy lifestyle.


The culture of adopting healthy living from an early age makes many people realize how important it is to maintain a clean and healthy environment. The reason is that awareness of healthy living starts from ourselves, such as exercising regularly, fulfilling nutritional intake, and getting enough rest will spread to our habits when interacting with the environment.


Apart from being able to prevent physical illness, a healthy environment also has an effect on mental health and a healthy environment is also more comfortable to live in. A comfortable environment to live in has a direct impact on happiness, thus improving the quality of mental health.


5 benefits of a clean environment for society:


1. Avoid the threat of flooding


Flooding is one of the bad impacts of an unclean environment. The cause of flooding is due to throwing rubbish out of place, which results in a lot of rubbish being scattered everywhere. Thus, when it rains, the waste will be dragged by the water and cover the gutter holes, resulting in the water not being able to flow properly. If you live in an area prone to flooding. We will find it difficult to carry out our activities. And cleanliness can prevent flooding.


2. Avoid infectious diseases


Infectious diseases caused by dirty environments are dengue fever, diarrhea, and typhus. This disease, if not treated properly, will lead to death. By taking precautions such as maintaining the cleanliness of the surrounding environment by not littering, defecating in the open, and so on, we are able to avoid these diseases. A clean environment will make us live safe, comfortable, and peaceful.


3. The environment becomes tidier and more comfortable to live in


When we pay attention to and process slum areas in an area, we will feel uncomfortable paying attention to them. Not only that, but we also feel reluctant to even get close because of the smell it gives off. It's not difficult to start keeping the environment clean, just throw the trash in the right place first. That way our environment will be neater and more comfortable to look at.


4. Improve Physical and Spiritual Health


Cleanliness is the main capital for physical and spiritual health. A simple clean perspective comes from our own home. A clean house will bring energy of calm, strength, and health, both physically and spiritually.


5. Maintain harmony between neighbors


Harmony between neighbors can be maintained if we have a clean environment. Why? Because we know that a clean environment will give positive energy to our hearts. Where we will transmit our positive energy to the person we are talking to.


History of World Clean Up Day


The history of World Clean Up Day began in the small northern European country, Estonia, in 2008. As many as 50 thousand people united to clean the entire country in just five hours.


World Clean Up Day brings together millions of volunteers, governments, and organizations, in 197 countries and territories, to tackle the mismanaged global waste crisis and help create a new, more sustainable world.


How to Celebrate Hygiene Day


In order to celebrate World Clean Up Day, there are many ways you can do it. Among them:


  • Disseminate appropriate information about World Clean Up Day.

  • Campaign to commemorate World Clean Up Day on social media.

  • Enliven social media with World Cleaning Day greetings and tweets.

  • Become a volunteer for the clean-up movement to commemorate World Clean Up Day.

  • Carry out cleaning activities in the environment around your residence.

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