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January 10: A Million Trees Day

Every year on January 10, One Million Trees Movement Day is celebrated. The One Million Trees Movement Day was basically created as an effort to preserve the environment and save forest ecosystems.


The beginning of this movement was as a response to illegal logging in the forest. Not only that, but this movement also tries to show the urgency of trees as a central aspect of life on earth.


Trees play a role in human growth. The existence of photosynthesis in trees ensures a balance in oxygen supply. Apart from their benefits to humans, trees also contribute to life for animals in the forest.


Why do we need to commemorate it?


Trees provide many benefits for all living things on earth. Trees keep the earth's temperature cool, absorb carbon and filter air pollution. Trees also mitigate natural disasters by regulating weather, stabilizing soil, and preventing erosion.


The Million Trees Movement has an important role in increasing the tree population for life in nature. In nature, trees can support various needs of living things. On land, trees provide the following functions:


Maintain the land and keeps the earth cool, as trees can absorb CO2 which can lead to global warming.


1. Mitigation of climate change which is capable of absorbing carbon, the function of forests can play a role in cleaning air pollution on a large scale.


2. Provides shade, feels fresh, cool and produces ingredients that are rich in benefits such as leaves, wood, bark, sap, leaves, flowers, seeds, and fruit.


3. Controlling erosion, floods, and other natural disasters.


4. Through trees, forests can accommodate 80% of the biodiversity on earth. Nearly half of the species on earth live in forests, including 80% of biodiversity on land.


Likewise, on the coast, there are mangrove trees which have an equally important role, namely:

1. Prevent water intrusion in the sea, namely the seepage of sea water into land.

2. Prevent erosion and abrasion on the coast from the onslaught of sea waves.

3. Natural filter from the process of decomposing organic and chemical waste from land that is carried to coastal areas and the sea.

4. As a living place and food source for several types of animals on the coast and ocean.

5. Play a role in land formation and stabilizing coastal areas.



The ability of trees to absorb CO2 is one effective way to overcome climate change. The main cause of climate change is an increase in the concentration of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) in the earth's atmosphere caused by human activities (anthropogenic).

CO2 is one of the main greenhouse gases that triggers climate change. Through the process of photosynthesis, trees absorb CO2, store carbon, and produce oxygen needed by living things. There are many short and long-term benefits that can be obtained by planting trees.


The existence of trees provides enormous benefits for the preservation of our earth. Hopefully in the future more and more people will be aware of planting trees for a better environment.


Let's plant trees!

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