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22nd April: World Earth Day

Earth is the Our Home


Earth is the home of humanity. If the earth is damaged and uninhabitable, where will we go? Until now no other planet has been discovered that humans can inhabit. So, maintaining the earth as a place worthy of habitation is the duty of every human being.


Currently, Earth feels that humans don't seem to appreciate and care about him anymore. Humans do not consider the earth as mother and home. But more than that, humans have treated the earth irresponsibly. Earth feels that humans only care about themselves without paying them their due attention.


The environmental crisis occurs as a result of human attitudes which are influenced by an anthropocentric perspective. The perspective that makes humans stand on their arrogance and greed drains the contents of nature without caring about nature's survival. Humans without hesitation spend whatever is needed for human happiness alone. The earth was left just like that, in a state of deep crisis.


Impact of Earth Damage


Various environmental damages often occur due to human actions. So, the impact will also return to humans too. Here are some of the impacts of earth damage, including:


1. Flood


The impact of natural damage due to flooding is caused by human hands who do not care about the environment. Floods not only cause dampening of a place, but floods can also cause many lives to be lost because they cause disease outbreaks.


2. Landslides


This disaster often causes casualties because many settlements are hit by rocks from slopes or hills. This disaster also often occurs suddenly, sometimes making people around them unaware that a landslide is occurring.


3. Global Warming


The existence of global warming is often associated with the greenhouse effect. This is indeed true as the earth's temperature continues to rise over time. The presence of concentrations of certain gases makes the temperature hotter.


4. Environmental Pollution


Environmental pollution can occur in water, air, or soil. These three types of environmental pollution can affect human health. The impact is that various types of diseases appear. Apart from that, environmental pollution in water, air and soil can also disrupt the ecosystem and biota contained therein.


World Earth Day


International Mother Earth Day is a global awareness campaign that aims to raise awareness of threats to the well-being of the earth and the life it supports. This day also recognizes the shared responsibility, as expressed in the 1992 Rio Declaration, to promote harmony with nature and the earth in order to achieve a just balance between the economic, social and environmental needs of current and future generations of humanity.


Earth Day is a moment to remind us that at least there are good things to do for this planet.


You don't have to do anything big. Instead, just start from simple things as follows.


1. Planting


The hobby of planting apparently not only reduces stress, but also makes a positive contribution to the environment.


2. Ride a Bike


The exhaust fumes from vehicle fuel cause a carbon footprint. In other words, when you travel by motorbike or other private vehicle, you are contributing to air pollution.


3. Use a refillable bottle


Now many places provide plastic bottle recycling facilities. However, if you can use a refillable bottle, why not?


4. Save energy


Most electrical energy comes from fossil fuels. The more we use electrical energy, the more carbon emissions there are. Free use of electrical energy will only worsen carbon emissions and lead to global warming.


5. Buy vegetables from local farmers


You can meet your vegetable needs from local farmers. Apart from supporting their economic continuity, you also play a role in saving the earth.

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