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22nd March: World Water Day

WATER is Life


Water is a compound that is very important for the life of all creatures on earth. Every day all living creatures need water for their survival. Apart from that, water is also the main thing in agricultural cultivation, industry, transportation and power generation. So, why is water important for humans?


If there is a lack of water, the survival of living things on earth will be threatened because they cannot live. Water is included in the category of renewable natural resources and is part of the abiotic components in the ecosystem. The availability of water on Earth comes from the never-ending water cycle. One way is through rain that falls to the earth.


We need to conserve clean water


Maintaining water sustainability means maintaining the availability of clean water on Earth. Water here means clean water that can be used for daily needs.


These are some of the reasons why we must conserve water:


1. Benefits All Living Things

Conserving water is useful for creating a clean, healthy, and comfortable environment to live in. Not only humans, but other living creatures can also enjoy the benefits of a beautiful environment as a place to live.


2. Prevent pollution

Currently, the issue of pollution is becoming increasingly more prominent as time goes by. Pollution causes the availability of clean water to become increasingly scarce. Conserving water can be done by preventing pollution by not throwing rubbish carelessly.


3.Do not use ground water

The use of groundwater has been proven to damage the environment, including land subsidence as has occurred in Jakarta. The way to stop using groundwater is by subscribing to piped water provided by the local Regional Drinking Water Company (PDAM).


World Water Day


Because the clean water crisis continues to increase on a global scale, the lack of education and community action in maintaining the availability of clean water is one of the reasons why various water problems occur. Apart from that, development that does not pay attention to the environment is the reason why water availability is threatened.


Due to various water problems caused by a lack of public awareness regarding water availability, the UN agreed on 22nd March as the commemoration of World Water Day. The main purpose of this commemoration is to encourage people to care about the importance of protecting water. With increasing public awareness, water problems will decrease. In essence, the commemoration of World Water Day can be a means of educating the public about caring for water.


Tips for conserving water


1. Using the shower to bath

Using a shower is a wise choice to save water usage. This shower does not waste water so water use for bathing can be minimized.


2. Carry out forest reforestation

The biggest step as a way to preserve water is to carry out reforestation or replanting trees. Apart from being a way to conserve water, reforestation activities will reduce the impact of forest destruction.


3.Water preservation

One way to conserve water is by preserving it. Some of the efforts included are: Harvesting rainwater, Saving water use, and Controlling groundwater use.


Preserving clean water means preserving the life of all creatures on earth. Clean water also affects the quality of Human Resources.

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