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22nd May: International Day of Biological Diversity

BIODIVERSITY is valuable


Our understanding of the value of endangered species to humans has increased with the recognition that human activities cause extinctions. In general, species benefits can be classified into ecological, economic, and social. Different combinations of benefits occur in certain species, and some species are clearly more “valuable” than others.


More important than knowing why a particular species is valuable is understanding why so many types of plants and animals are valuable.


Preserving Biodiversity means Respecting Life on Earth


Biodiversity has an important role in maintaining ecosystem balance, supporting food security, providing industrial raw materials, and supporting the tourism sector. Moreover, biodiversity plays a role in scientific research and development, including in treatment and the development of new drugs. Biological riches also provide cultural and aesthetic value to society and play a role in maintaining climate stability.


History of Biological Diversity Day, which is celebrated on 22nd May


International Day for Biological Diversity is celebrated every year on 22nd May. This agreement was created by the UN as a day to increase understanding and awareness of world citizens regarding environmental issues.


Previously, from 1994 to 2000, International Biological Diversity Day was celebrated every December 29. This determination was based on the UN conference on the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


At this conference, an agreement on the Convention on Biological Diversity was produced. The aim of commemorating International Day for Biological Diversity is to increase awareness and foster love for biodiversity on Earth.


The existence of biodiversity is important, especially because of the benefits it can contribute to human survival both physically and spiritually, directly, or indirectly, as well as to the continued existence of biodiversity itself.


What can humans do to restore Biodiversity?


Addressing the biodiversity crisis requires cooperation across all levels of society, from intergovernmental agreements to local community action. Individuals can play their role in shaping institutions and electing leaders who can help preserve biodiversity. Reconnecting with nature and encouraging others to do the same can help people learn more about local ecosystems, respect and appreciate them.


The following are individual actions that can be taken to restore biodiversity:



1. Support committed political action to protect and restore biodiversity


2. Support institutions that promote the protection and restoration of biodiversity


3. Support local and regional projects aimed at addressing biodiversity loss


4. Buy fewer products and ensure the products you buy minimize the impact on biodiversity


5. Invest in ways that promote biodiversity


6. Reduce waste of consumer goods: food, clothing, electrical equipment, etc.


7. Recycling


8. Educate children about biodiversity, ecosystems and the threats they face and opportunities to restore them.

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