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27th September: World Tourism Day

Traveling is a way to refresh your soul, mind, and spirituality.


Tourism is a system that is interconnected with each other. If one element is damaged, the other elements cannot function. There are several actors who play a role in moving the tourism system. In general, tourism is grouped into three main pillars, namely community, private and government. Communities in tourist destination areas act as owners of tourism resources or capital (cultural owners). This community consists of public figures, intellectuals, and mass media.


Tourism development prioritizes social aspects whose basis is the sustainability of the lives of local communities, so that incidents of evictions and the unstable economy of local residents in the midst of tourism will not occur.


The aim of tourism management is to focus on economic sustainability for local communities and tourists, as well as creating quality services and prices that can be enjoyed by visitors and income for the community.


Tourism is a key sector for growth


The WEO report analyzes economic growth in each global region, linking performance to key sectors, including tourism. In particular, countries with “large travel and tourism sectors” demonstrate strong economic resilience and strong levels of economic activity. More specifically, countries where tourism accounts for a high percentage of GDP have recorded a faster recovery from the impact of the pandemic compared to countries where tourism is not a significant sector.



Because tourism is something that is familiar to the public, which is something that many people like to have recreation and relieve fatigue with friends, relatives, and family. Tourism also has the following positive impacts:


1. Create jobs

2. Contribute money to the country

3. Maintaining local culture because tourists enjoy local regional culture such as coffee culture from the Gayo area and saman dance performances from the Gayo Lues area

4. The money earned from tourism can be used to preserve the tourism environment

5. Support public facilities for tourists which are also beneficial for the local community. Examples include road improvements around tourism areas

6. Increasing income from tourists is more promising than from local residents.

7. Help promote the region



How did World Tourism Day begin?


World Tourism Day has been celebrated for more than 40 years, to be precise since 27 September 1980. This special day was established by the UNWTO on 27 September as a commemoration of the adoption of the UNWTO Statutes in 1970 on the same date, a truly extraordinary achievement for tourism world at that time.


27th September 1980 is also said to coincide with the start of the holiday season in the Southern Hemisphere and the end of the holiday season in the Northern Hemisphere.


World Tourism Day will be celebrated as a sign that tourism today will be increasingly developed so that it becomes an important pillar for developing and advancing the country.


What can you do to commemorate World Tourism Day this year?



1. Open your travel album

It cannot be denied, remembering a journey makes our hearts remember the feelings that were present when we lived it.


Experiences, funny and unique things that happen during the trip, even annoying things, can make us laugh when we remember them.


2. Be a responsible traveler


This pandemic is the right time for you to reflect on what contribution you can make when you can travel again.


At least, there are 6 important things that can help you to be more responsible as a traveler when you return to traveling in a 'conventional' way, namely:

  • Pay attention to the regulations at your destination and the conditions of the destination you choose.

  • Help encourage the growth of local industry by purchasing original and locally made souvenirs.

  • Learn some valuable cultural insights from the locals.

  • Keep your trip sustainable by considering the environment around you. For example, if you want to snorkel at your tourist destination, you must at least know the do's & don'ts when you dive into the sea, for example not stepping on coral and swimming calmly so that the sea inhabitants don't move away.

  • Keeping safety a priority.

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