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Benefits of Staycation at Green Hotel

If you want to staycation at a hotel, try staying at a green hotel once in a while. This type of accommodation is different from hotels in general, because it is designed with an environmentally friendly concept, from the facilities to the services. At a glance, the emergence of green hotels is based on environmental problems that arise from the hotel industry.


According to the records of the United Nation World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), hotels are one of the main drivers in opening jobs and the economy, but at the same time hotels are also the most wasteful of energy.


Hotels and other types of accommodation are estimated to contribute 2% to 5% of the CO2 emissions produced by the global tourism sector.


Facilities & Services

Referring to the Guidebook and Guidelines for Implementing Green Hotels in Indonesia, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, there are several services that guests get when staying at a green hotel.


For example, the campaign contains energy efficiency efforts. Then we will also get facilities that support energy savings. Apart from that, at the green hotel we will get a magnetic door lock that automatically regulates the use of electricity and water taps with a timer system. This is necessary to save water use.


Full of Natural Lighting

From the building design, the green hotel maximizes the use of natural light in the building's lighting system. Apart from that, there are tools to utilize and incorporate natural light for lighting needs in strategic rooms.


It is certain, most likely we rarely experience air conditioning (AC) in green hotels. On the other hand, we will get natural breezes more often.



In general, there are several provisions related to the implementation of the green hotel concept.  Referring to the Asean Green Hotel Standard guidelines, there are 11 conditions that must be met to implement the green hotel concept.  


  • Environmental policies and practices in hotel operations.

  • Use of green products (environmentally friendly)

  • Collaboration with local communities and organizations

  • Human resource development for environmental management

  • Waste management

  • Energy efficiency

  • Water efficiency and water quality

  • Air quality management (indoor and outdoor)

  • Noise pollution control

  • Wastewater processing and management (water quality)

  • Management of disposal of toxic and chemical materials.


On the other hand, the green hotel concept seems to be in line with people's increasing concern for the environment. Especially in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, where understanding regarding sustainable tourism is starting to grow.


In a survey of 29,000 travelers from 30 countries in the 2020 Sustainable Travel Report (, 61% of travelers stated that the pandemic had made them want to practice environmentally friendly holidays.


Recommended Green Hotels in Indonesia

Meanwhile, fortunately in Indonesia there are a number of hotels that have achieved green hotel status, aka environmentally friendly. These hotels can also be an option for those of us who want to have a staycation, as quoted from the Indonesia.Travel page:


1. Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta

This hotel was recorded as having won the Asean Green Hotel Standard Award in 2018, so there is no need to doubt its implementation of environmentally friendly principles. This five-star hotel has a beautiful atmosphere, with golf course facilities and gardens covering an area of ​​22 hectares. One thing that makes it interesting is that this hotel has Mount Merapi as a backdrop.


2. Soori, Bali

There are two views offered by this resort. First, the view of the rice fields. Second, the view of Kelanting Beach. These two things are certainly the main attraction for this hotel which is located in the southwest of the island of Bali.


3. Greenhost Boutique Hotel Yogyakarta

In line with its name which carries green, this hotel also carries a development concept that prioritizes environmental sustainability. This can be seen, one of the ways, from the various hydroponic plants that are designed vertically. As far as the eye can see, we will be presented with hanging plants.


4. Alila Villa Uluwatu, Bali

When you want to have an ecotourism style staycation in Bali, this hotel needs to be on your list. Alila Villas Uluwatu is the first Indonesian resort to receive a certificate from Green Globe in the Environmentally Sustainable Design category.


This award was obtained because this inn implements Alila Zero Waste to Landfill, namely the concept of waste management so as not to damage the environment around the hotel. Not only that, this resort also maximizes natural lighting and ventilation for energy efficiency.


5. Kila Senggigi Beach, Lombok

We shift to Lombok, there is Kila Senggigi Beach. This hotel was nominated for the Green Hotel Award in 2017 from the Ministry of Tourism (now the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy). Unlike hotels in general which have multi-storey buildings, this hotel is only in the form of bungalows. Even so, the advantage of this hotel is the view it offers in the form of gardens and the open sea.


6. Alila Solo, Central Java

One of the unique features of this hotel is the roof filled with plants (green roof). In terms of design, this hotel carries a minimalist modern design, as well as the use of energy-saving electronic facilities.


7. Mercure Resort Sanur, Bali

Because it applies an environmentally friendly concept, when we are at this hotel we will often find green open spaces. Another unique thing is that the roof of this resort is made from reeds. This makes the space inside feel cooler and warmer at night.


8. Nihi Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara

This luxury resort is located on 530 hectares of land, containing 33 villas. When staying there we will feel the natural atmosphere. This cannot be separated from the fact that this resort was built on a cliff, with three-bedroom villas in the shape of a tree house.


Other facilities, this resort is equipped with a private swimming pool with views overlooking the open sea. Not only that, we can also socialize with the people around the hotel to carry out various activities.

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