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Can Human Drink SEA Water™?

It’s a question that people ask about sea water. That’s the reason why SEA WATER™ is created. SEA Water™ is a Dutch, innovative water brand, specialized in high-quality water solutions, powered by renewable energy.


SEA WATER™ mission is changing the way people look at the oceans. With SEA Water™, Dutch founders and brothers Tammo and Jort give shape to their personal mission to be part of a solution for increasing water scarcity, worldwide. More specifically: showing the world the ocean could be part of this solution.


Between two and three billion people worldwide experience water shortages, while 70% of the earth’s surface is covered in water. Seawater that is. What if there is a way to make fresh drinking water from this water, using only renewable energy? That’s where SEA Water™ comes in!


While SEA Water™ is not the whole solution of water scarcity, but it can be part of the solution. On average, people in the Netherlands use 125 liters of water a day. SEA Water™ are selling 0,33 liter cans, so they’re well aware the content of cans alone is not going to solve a global water crisis. However, they are convinced that a different vision on the use of water is needed to provide a future-proof solution for the increasing global water scarcity. These cans can be seen as a conversation starter. If they are able to do this in the Netherlands, it can be done anywhere for any application.


SEA Water™ also does not aim to replace tap water, but to show the world what is possible if we have less or no access to tap water, anywhere in the world. If they can create high quality drinking water – only using renewable energy – in the Netherlands, with one of the strictest water laws in the world, it can be done anywhere. And now that Dutch summers are also becoming dryer, it’s good to know what the options are.


SEA WATER™ doesn’t taste salty. The name SEA Water™ refers to the source where we get our water from: our oceans. Covering 70% of the earth’ surface, by far the biggest water source in the world!


Their unsalted water is remineralized in a natural way. This means after they take out the salt, they put all the good stuff back in. For the water connoisseurs (mineral analysis, mg/l): Ca2+ 20; CI- 24; HCO3- 189; Mg2+ 2,4; K+ 3,9; Na+ 16; SO42- 9,6; pH 7,5.


SEA WATER™ are working with a very energy efficient, solar-powered, reverse osmosis technology to filter the salt and other unwanted stuff out of seawater. This basically means they efficiently press seawater through a filter – powered only by the sun and wind.


The technique of desalination is not new. The process has been used by many people over many years, but not in the way SEA WATER™ do. Reverse osmosis used to be very energy intensive, complex and powered by fossil fuels. By redesigning the system together with their technology partners, they make use of a compact, energy efficient setup, that relies fully on solar and wind energy.


Their installations are super compact, modular and scalable and can be placed literally anywhere in the world. All you need is access to the ocean. Their installation at the North Sea in IJmuiden (The Netherlands), is built in a 8 ft container. On top of the container are 12 solar panels – enough to power the full process. This enables them to locally produce high quality drinking water in 150 countries worldwide!


What happens with the salt gets filtered out? Part of what they intake, is returned to the ocean. This is called the brine: water with a slightly higher salt concentration. No chemicals are added during the process. Independent research, conducted onsite by engineering firm Svašek, has concluded that the impact of the brine is neglectable and stays within the natural fluctuations of the ocean.



If you’re interested in using SEA WATER™ in your product, you can send email at or if you have any questions you can reach out to

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