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March 21: International Day of Forest

Why should we remember International Day of Forests?


Day by day the area of ​​forest on earth is decreasing. Due to the large number of developing industries, humans have to create open land, thereby destroying forests. If no one conserves it, this will be bad for the earth. That's why every March 21st is always celebrated as International Forest Day.


International Forest Day is celebrated every year on March 21. The aim is to raise awareness about the importance of protecting forests and trees as valuable natural resources.


International Day of Forests is now celebrated around the world with various events, including social media campaigns, reforestation events, conferences and workshops to raise awareness and promote the conservation of forests and related ecosystems around the world.


The importance of preserving forests


The earth is getting older every day, the human need to utilize natural resources continuously if it is not balanced with conservation, damage will occur. One of the damages that often occurs is to the forest ecosystem.


It is important to raise awareness among the public that actions that damage the environment have detrimental impacts on many parties. Apart from humans who feel the impact of smoke if forest burning is carried out illegally, flora and fauna also feel the impact. Plants simply die and can no longer be used by humans. Animals lose their place of residence so they can go to residential areas, this of course will endanger residents.


Cutting down lots of trees to build buildings has caused many forests on earth to experience serious problems, namely forest degradation and the expansion of critical land. Community forests must be protected and preserved.


Interesting Facts about Forests


1. Home for animals and plants

Forests are home to more than 80 percent of land animals and plants. Apart from that, forests also cover 31 percent of the world's total land area.

In forests there are around 1.6 billion people worldwide who depend on forests for their livelihoods and daily needs.


2. Trees can absorb up to 150 kilograms of carbon dioxide per year

It is estimated that the world's forests store as much as 296 gigatons of carbon in above- and below-ground biomass.


3. High quality drinking water comes from protected forests

Most of the high-quality drinking water comes from protected forests. Therefore, in the context of World Forest Day, humans should care more about the continuity and preservation of forests.


How do we celebrate International Day of Forests?


What can we do to participate in preserving forests? Here's how to celebrate International Day of Forests:


1. Plant Trees

Forests that should be full of trees are now starting to become bare. This is because a lot of logging is carried out without planting new trees. This will certainly have a bad impact on the environment.


2. Save paper

Saving paper can also be a way to preserve forests. You can use used paper to write notes or for other activities that require paper.


3. Upcycle used packaging

The final way that can be done to commemorate International Forest Day and to preserve forests is to upcycle used packaging. Sort all the trash you have. Separate waste that can be recycled such as plastic, cans, paper, cardboard and wood.

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