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Parongpong: Making the Earth Clean

Parongpong is the name of a sub-district in West Bandung Regency, West Java Province. This area is famous for flower tourism, in line with the livelihood of its residents, namely flower farmers. The area is 45.15 square kilometers, until 2017 it was recorded at around 113,211 people/km².


Thanks to the ideas of creative people, Parongpong is more than just an area with lots of flower gardens. Rendy Aditya Wachid (founder) and Girl Zahra (co founder), Rendy's background as an architect wants to build an ideal and sustainable environment-based habitat or place to live in 2020, through the Parongpong Recycle Center which was founded in 2017.


Initially, Parongpong's goal was to have solar panels, its own plantation and a good waste disposal system. Inspired by Kamikatsu, the only zero waste village located in Japan. Starting from sorting waste which was considered a necessity, Kamikatsu residents felt the benefits.


Rendy wants Parongpong, which will be his future residence, to have an environmentally friendly habitat like Kamikatsu. Then as time went by Parongpong collaborated with Dr. Eng. Pandji Prawisudha ST, M. He is an ITB lecturer who graduated from a doctoral program majoring in environmental engineering, from his hands and thoughts he created a hydrothermal engine.


Reporting from the ITB website, Pandji explained that hydrothermal is a waste processing machine whose concept is like a pressure cooker. The waste that will be processed into solid fuel is mixed with water and put into the reactor.


Parongpong's main goal is to create a habitat, apart from that, Parongpong aims to make waste processing technology easily accessible to the public and sorting waste becomes a habit. Currently Parongpong Recycle Center helps manage waste for several companies.


One of the programs that was carried out went viral, namely collecting unused Campaign Props (APK) to be used as trash bags. Rendy felt embarrassed by the many campaign banners displayed on the side of the road and was worried about what would happen after the election. Uniquely, he doesn't see it as trash but rather the main raw material for making trash bags.


APKs that have been collected are distributed to Precious One. Interestingly, the tailors here are people with disabilities who are empowered to sew, so they can produce quality work of high artistic and economic value.


The trash bag will be used at the Happiness Festival held by a diaper and sanitary napkin manufacturer. The high level of public interest proves that people actually really care about the waste issue. In fact, Girl said that up to three trucks collected banners from the Cimahi area alone and some sent them from outside Java.


Currently, Parongpong is still focused on building habitat through infrastructure and human activities in it. Parongpong is building a 3 x 3 meter microhouse made from Styrofoam waste and a recycling center so that everyone can access and learn about waste processing.


KOPONG: Parongpong Waste Cooperative


A material recovery center located in Parongpong village. Mainly collaborating with Bank Sampah Bersinar and Guna Olah Waste to treat non-compostable materials into new materials.


Using a cooperative system, the society can save and sell their waste to Kopong. They encourage society who live in 7 districts of Parongpong to reduce and sort their waste by creating an end-to-end waste management:


  • Ciwaruga

  • Cihanjuang Rahayu

  • Cihanjuang

  • Karyawangi

  • Sariwangi

  • Cigugur Girang

  • Cihideung


If you have sorted waste at your place, make sure it is being treated properly and not going to the landfill. These are the kind of waste that they can treat at our KOPONG. They will treat your sorted waste properly by their machines and techniques.



Produces sustainable insect protein for animal feed by bio-converting organic sidestream using black soldier fly.



Collaborating with central waste bank



by Parongpong


SHOP: Mandiri Lestari Village Grocery Shop


A bulk store by Parongpong collaborated with Rumah Straberi, Belibu Fresh Mart, and Zero Waste Adventure.


Their Special Products


Mini Composter by Parongpong


This Kompong helps you to start treating your organic waste from home.


Organic Liquid Fertilizer


100% organic made from treated waste, supported by hydrothermal technology.



Parongpong Eco-Friendly Educational Tour


Besides getting some freshness, they will share you about waste management during our trekking journey. Have a Trekking and Camp Experience at Parongpong area.


Parongpong Turns Cigarette Butts into Furniture


Parongpong, collaborated with Conture Concrete Lab to launch a unique innovation. processing cigarette butts into marketable products, such as ashtrays, flower pots, tiles and outdoor furniture.


1. Seeing lots of cigarette butts

This idea began with the anxiety of the founder of Parongpong, Rendy Aditya Wachid, when he saw the high amount of cigarette butt trash polluting the sea.


There are around two-thirds of the total 5.6 trillion cigarettes or 4.5 trillion cigarette butts that are smoked every year and thrown away carelessly.


Since the 1980s, cigarette butts have accounted for 30 to 40 percent of all trash found in urban landfills.


Indonesia itself is one of the countries with the highest number of cigarette producers and consumers in the world.


2. The process of making cigarette butts into furniture

The process of making material products made from cigarette butts begins with collecting cigarette butt waste from cafes in the city of Bandung.


The collected cigarette butts are then taken to a machine based on hydrothermal technology to be processed into pulp.


When dried it will become a fiber with a homogeneous character.


This fiber is then processed by Conture Concrete Lab, to be made into material products with sales value.


Apart from fiber, processing using a hydrothermal machine also produces liquid from tobacco remains which can be used as a natural pesticide.


3. Unique Advantages of Cigarette Butts

This furniture product made from cigarette butts has its own advantages and uniqueness.


Apart from being lighter and more flexible, this furniture also has a unique texture.


This product also has good durability because it uses material that is actually very difficult to decompose.

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