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April 07: World Health Day

Health: An Investment for the Future


In order to guarantee happiness in the future, you need to invest from the start. Not only financial health but also physical and mental health.


Working hard overtime and accepting lots of side jobs to increase your financial condition and savings is indeed good. However, we must not forget to take care of our body and mind. Health must remain a priority for future investments. A fit and healthy body is an important factor for living an active and happy life.


However, some people usually don't realize that they haven't been hit. Working hard and having fun without caring about a tired body and mind can slowly eat away your health.


Health affects the quality of life


A healthy lifestyle or also often called a good lifestyle is a way of living according to the World Health Organization (WHO). A healthy lifestyle by paying attention to balanced nutrition, exercise, avoiding risky things such as smoking and drugs, enough time to rest or enjoy life such as going on holiday, so that it becomes a unified whole.


A healthy lifestyle is not only healthy for your body and mind, but also for your finances in the future. A healthy body and good immune system are one of the best investments for the long term.


Here are the reasons why taking care of your health from an early age can save you more money and be the best investment for the future:


Increase productivity

Health checks are one of the company's considerations when recruiting or evaluating employees. Excellent health really supports productivity. Workers who frequently miss work due to illness can affect team performance. If we work for ourselves, the influence will be felt even more. When you are sick, your work will automatically be disrupted.


Make you happy

There is a saying, "Behind a healthy body there is a strong soul." In other words, if the body is not healthy, we also tend to easily feel unhappy and miserable. Diseases in the body not only damage physical health but also mental health. Those who are continuously ill usually become more irritable, and less enthusiastic.

On the other hand, with a healthy body, you can enjoy life, travel, and spend more time with your loved ones. The way you maintain your health now is also an investment in the future for your family.


Reduces medical and maintenance costs

Having good health will make us less likely to get sick. This means we don't need to spend a lot of money to go to the doctor, do therapy, and buy medicines. Even though we have health insurance, there are still costs that are not covered by insurance, such as special examinations, therapy outside of what is covered by insurance, as well as transportation or accommodation costs (if out of town or overseas) to a health facility.


What is World Health Day?


World Health Day is an important day that is celebrated throughout the world as an effort to highlight the importance of health and the medical world. World Health Day is celebrated every 7th April.


The aim of commemorating World Health Day on 7th April is to increase global awareness about health issues. Apart from that, the commemoration of World Health Day is also to influence people around the world to start taking steps to improve their health.


Healthy Lifestyle Tips



Getting enough sleep and rest is not a waste. While sleeping, the body actually works, one of which is repairing damaged cells. Getting enough sleep will keep your immune system strong. Sleeping will also make the body re-energized.


Actively moving

Even though we are not overweight, we are still recommended to be active. Not only does it burn excess calories and fat, regular exercise will improve our body's metabolism and our mood. Not only that, regular movement can also increase the body's resistance to current infectious diseases and also degenerative diseases. This can be a big investment in our health.


Have insurance

The insurance you have will keep us reminded of the risks that may occur. Choose the right insurance that protects us and our family, so we can be calmer if something undesirable happens, insurance will help us return to health without causing damage to the family's financial condition.

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