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Climate Awareness for a Sustainable and Climate Friendly Bali Tourism


Eco Tourism Bali, a key player in sustainable tourism,  held its annual event in collaboration with The Apurva Kempinski Bali, Eco Tourism Week 2023, last December. With a primary focus on promoting sustainable and eco-friendly transformation in Bali's tourism, the event brought together government officials, industry leaders, associations, businesses, and communities to accelerate climate neutrality by 2045.

In response to this, Eco Tourism Bali emphasizes the urgency of promoting sustainable tourism practices and low carbon emissions to fulfil Bali's vision of becoming Carbon Neutral by 2045 and Bali Tourism's Climate Neutral by 2050.


Eco Tourism Week 2023 facilitated all stakeholders in creating a shared framework for Bali Tourism to achieve Net Zero Emission goals. The event served as a vital platform for discussion, enabling the exchange of ideas and best practices, especially in the hospitality sector. Beyond discourse, Eco Tourism Week 2023 aimed to disseminate crucial research findings, enlightening perceptions of tourism businesses and commitments to environmentally friendly practices.


During Eco Tourism Week, companies, suppliers, and start-ups from Eco Tourism Bali were presented as local providers of sustainable products and services. Innovation took centre stage, showcasing start-ups that drive change towards green and clean tourism. Another historic milestone involved the launch of the Climate-Friendly Travel (CFT) Chapter Bali, forming a collective commitment to Sustainable & Climate-Friendly Tourism Practices in Bali, strengthened through collaboration with SUNx Malta. The main goal is to instil climate awareness, strengthen stakeholder dedication to the future of sustainable and environmentally friendly tourism in Bali, with a collective vision to achieve Climate Neutrality by 2045.

Eco Tourism Week 2023 aimed to forge a collective commitment among stakeholders for the transformation of Sustainable & Climate-Friendly Tourism in Bali, covering policies, implementation, and movements towards Climate Neutrality by 2045. Eco Tourism Week 2023 was a pivotal moment in Bali's journey towards a sustainable and environmentally friendly tourism landscape.

For more information please contact Deska Yunita via WhatsApp at +6281218663138 or email and Mia Falatehan via WhatsApp at +6281210001893 or email

About Eco Tourism Bali: Eco Tourism Bali is a socially impactful business that builds a community for sustainable tourism through Sustainable Verification for Accommodation and Restaurant Businesses, visit

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