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BINUS University: Sustainable Campus

Economic growth is an important pillar in efforts to achieve community prosperity, especially as Asia is the fastest growing economic region in the world, playing an important role in shaping the future of the global economy. Factors such as investment, innovation, and government policy influence economic growth, and their impacts include improved quality of life, job opportunities, and access to better services.


Economic growth also allows people to improve their standard of living. As the economy grows, per capita income also tends to increase, giving individuals and families the ability to meet basic needs such as food, education, and adequate housing. There are ways of how education helps sustainability. BINUS University strives to contribute sustainability in education.


Understanding the importance of education in the world of economics and business, BINUS UNIVERSITY through BINUS Business School is proud to host the prestigious 2023 International Conference on Organizational Performance Excellence (iCOPE) on 8 September 2023, at the BINUS UNIVERSITY Campus @Bekasi. This prestigious conference was organized by BINUS Business School in collaboration with a consortium of universities to be a groundbreaking event, bringing together global thought leaders and experts to explore and discuss critical topics related to organizational excellence, innovation and sustainability.


The conference recognizes the shift in the economic center of gravity to Asia and the need for organizations, both developed and emerging, to embrace technology, innovation and entrepreneurship to achieve excellence in products and services. To survive and excel in today's competitive global economy, organizations must continuously innovate in business strategy and product supply chains. iCOPE 2023 emphasizes the importance of creating and maintaining an ecosystem of excellence. This ecosystem includes leadership, strategic planning, customer and market focus, information and knowledge management, human capital development, operational focus, and business results, all integrated and aligned for optimal performance.


In addition, BINUS UNIVERSITY emphasizes the important role of sustainable innovation, which not only benefits customers but also reduces negative impacts on the environment, society and economy. The iCOPE 2023 conference also features a diverse program covering various aspects of organizational performance excellence, such as leadership, strategic planning, customer and market focus, information management, measurement, knowledge, information technology, human resource development, operational focus, communications, and sustainability management.


BINUS UNIVERSITY invites researchers, scientists and practitioners to submit full papers for consideration in one of the conference tracks. Accepted papers will be published in conference proceedings and can be submitted for publication in leading journals, including the International Journal of Professional Business Review, Business Management and Economic Engineering, Australasian Accounting, Business and Finance Journal, and PEGEGOG Indexed by Elsevier: SCOPUS.

Binus Semarang Holds Architectural Seminar Discussing Sustainable Educational Building Construction


Binus University Semarang held an Architecture Seminar entitled Sustainable Architecture Design of Education Building. The speakers for this seminar were the Director of Duta Cermat Mandiri (DCM), Budiman Hendropirnomo and the Infrastructure Development & Optimization Director of Bina Nusantara Group, Ferry Herdyanto.


In their presentations, the two speakers discussed sustainable architectural development. They explained the importance of sustainable construction design in building environmentally friendly and innovative educational buildings.


Campus Director of Binus University Semarang, Dr. Ir. Boto Simatupang admitted that in the era of technological development and rapid population growth, the biggest challenge faced by modern society is how to create a sustainable and environmentally friendly built environment.


Educational buildings, as centers of learning and knowledge, play a key role in promoting sustainable lifestyles and creating a better future. According to him, when talking about the architecture of educational buildings, there are several crucial issues that need to be considered, such as energy efficiency, use of environmentally friendly materials, recycling systems and ecologically based design.


The problem of climate change is increasingly pressing, and efforts to reduce the negative impact of buildings on the environment must be a primary concern in planning and development.


Therefore, in order to achieve sustainable development goals, the Binus University Architecture Department aims to provide in-depth knowledge to the general public, professionals and students regarding sustainability issues in educational buildings.


By focusing on sustainable architectural design, this event aims to encourage participants to create educational buildings that are environmentally friendly and have a positive impact on the surrounding environment.


This activity is also an opportunity for the public and professionals to get to know Binus campuses better and understand the university's commitment to supporting the development of a better living environment.


As a higher education institution dedicated to producing innovation and advanced thinking, Binus University believes that through this seminar, insight and awareness of the importance of sustainability in architecture can be further instilled in every aspect of life.

BINUS held CEO Speaks


BINUS Business School (BBS) again held a CEO Speaks event with the Startup Day concept with the theme Untold Stories of the Tech Industry: The Hope for a Sustainable New Economy.


This is the result of collaboration with BINUS Startup Accelerator (BiSA) and BINUS International's Center for Innovation, Design and Entrepreneurship Research (CIDER) and supported by Kopital Ventures.


BINUS Business School wants to connect its students with C-level figures from various industries. That way, they can learn the experiences of key figures directly to use as preparation for setting up their own business in the future. So, the insights from the CEO Speaks discussion will also complement the knowledge they gain from the classroom. Not only inviting active students, BINUS Business School also wants to involve more people by inviting the general public, business representatives and BINUS Business School alumni to participate.


In accordance with BINUS University's vision of fostering and empowering the society, CEO Speaks is open to anyone, not just students.


For this CEO Speaks event, BINUS Business School emphasized the importance of creating a sustainable strategy in the startup realm. Some of them go through the management and startup exit process.


Because in the end, the exit of a company not only impacts the founders and investors, but also all the employees involved in it. So, there must be a strategy that prioritizes long-term sustainability.

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