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PT. PIPA: Water Efficiency

PT PRAN INDO PERMATA ABADI (PT PIPA) is a leading water sustainable engineering company in Indonesia. PT PIPA can effectively overcome water challenges in several regions while providing sustainable and high-quality resources to customers.


Founded in 1998 by Mr. Didier Perez, PT PIPA is one of the most robust and top-ranked water sustainability engineering companies in Indonesia. PIPA explores, designs and communicates solutions, primarily in the hospitality and tourism sector, with clients including Accor Hotels, Marriott, Tauzia - Ascott.


PT PIPA has twice been named the best UKM by KADIN-IBCSD (2012-2016). Their partnership with Mercure Hotel Ancol-Jakarta was awarded “Green Hotelier of the Year 2019“, a world-class competition organized by the "International Tourism Partnership" - London. The pilot project with the Mercure Ancol Hotel, to produce Drinking water and deliver it in glass bottles to Hotel guest rooms was awarded the gold medal of the “WTM - London 2022“ competition. PT PIPA is in the spotlight as an ASIA innovation from “Sea of ​​Solution”, an initiative supported by the UN and co-financed by the Swedish government to combat marine plastic pollution.


Didier Perez regularly contributes to the Indonesian state's efforts to strengthen its water resilience and security. He will be one of Indonesia's strongest supporters at the "World Water Forum - Bali 2024".

Creating an Environmentally Friendly Drinking Water System


The creation of this system was in collaboration between PT P.I.P.A (Pran Indo Permata Abadi) which has expertise in this field and Mercure Ancol. As a solution to significantly reduce plastic waste in hotel areas, this system can reduce the carbon footprint resulting from logistics emissions from bottled drinking water.


The Drinking Water System is considered to have a circular economic chain that is quite significant in reducing waste. Water taken from PDAM is channeled into pipes and goes through several stages of sterilization to produce water that is sterile and ready to drink.


The drinking water is packaged in glass bottles or gallons and sealed and then distributed directly to rooms and meeting rooms.


Apart from being efficient and environmentally friendly, this tool has a production capacity of up to 6,000 liters of drinking water per day and can be adjusted to suit your needs.


Launch of the Drinking Water System with the name Free 2 Flow which is a Reverse Osmosis based water treatment. Drinking Water System uses the latest BLUWATER Reverse Osmosis (RO) system from Sweden with clean and hygienic water output according to international standards. With this tool, it is estimated that more than 500,000 single-use plastic bottle waste can be eliminated per year at the Mercure Convention Center, Ancol.


PT. PIPA overcomes PDAM failure


PT. PIPA has covered all regions from Aceh to Papua for the same thing, namely the clean water program. Didier Perez in his presentation said that his party has been involved in the irrigation sector for 37 years and has been in Indonesia for more than 20 years.


The problem of the Regional Drinking Water Company (PDAM) in Empatlawang Regency which is currently in a state of "suspended animation" will soon be resolved. Didier said his goal in Empatlawang was to help the local government improve the condition of the PDAM so that the people of Empatlawang can enjoy clean water.


Previously, Didier admitted that he had experience in the program to improve PDAM Tirta Musi Palembang from 2006 to 2009 which has so far proven successful.


Through this collaboration program, continued the regent, the community will not only get clean water but water that can also be drunk. Because the piping process will be designed using the latest modern technology. His party also informed the public that the drinking water piping system in the future will use advanced technology.


Thus, if there are people who try to leak pipes secretly to take water, they will definitely be found out.


The piping system will be implemented by PT. This PIPA uses a computer system to detect all piping security. So, anything that is damaged will be immediately known, including pipe leaks and so on.

PT. PIPA Saving water sustainability in Bali


It has potential water sources reaching 7.55 billion M3 / year originating from 4 lakes, 1,323 springs, 391 rivers and 8 groundwater basins (CAT). Bali Province is only able to manage 3.16 billion M3/year to meet the community's water needs which reach 3.72 billion M3/year, so it still lacks supply capacity.


PT. PIPA coordinates with the Balinese people in maintaining the sustainability of water in Bali to discuss and formulate together an understanding of problems, obstacles, and challenges as well as strategic efforts both short and long term.


Didier Perez initiated the Saving and Maintaining Bali's Water Sustainability movement to convey that through this activity relevant stakeholders can become a locomotive in driving sustainable environmental conservation efforts.

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